Our individual perception and understanding of what's really going on is very limited. The limit is that we cannot make a number of copies of ourselves to observe all aspects of the whole thing. Hence we each only get a facet of the whole truth. It is very hard to get the whole thing.

Things normally do not change in isolation. One change in one place often accompanies another change in another place. The reason is because that , I guess, one chief universal foundamental principle is balancing, or equilibrium.

One example is heat equilibrium.

Now look at a few examples of local heat equilibrium in meterology and geology.

In recent years, several great earthquakes in Spring in China were preceded by similar patterns. Typically, one city is super hot (>37 C) like mid summer. Yet at the same time, another city several kilos away is freezing cold (<-5C) like mid winter. One of them, possibly the less geologically stable, is very close to the earthquake center. Both weather phenomina are opposite extremes, and both are very rare in Spring.  I guess, simultaneous extreme opposite temperatures result in violant contraction and expansion of earth mantle. Or the opposite is true.

Another example is global water equilibrium.

Now consider the great drought which lasts for 10 years in CA, USA. This year, north and sourth Korea have joined the drought. Yet, in recent years, northern China, especially Beijing,  sees an usual increase of rainfall. I guess the underlying reason is that the earth mantle underneath these places is somewhat shifted. A possible reason is that Beijing is building way too many high rise buildings on each square kilo, which could lower the earth mantle on west Pacific coast and raise the earth mantle on east Pacific coast, if Pacific earth mantle is one piece. Or these are related pieces.

These are some random thoughts that need further verification.

My sympathy is extended to every one affected by these geological incidents. 

I think it takes an enlightened leadership and educated new generation around the globe to reestablish healthy weather and geological equilibrium to benefit all.

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