Gold Mine

One day I had a dream about lying on a ground that contains a lot of gold beneath the surface.
I thought about that for a long long time, and could not figure it out.

At first, I thought it meant worldly wealth. However, worldly wealth is in fact very volatile, while gold is not volatile. So I was wrong.

Finally, after a few years, I got its meaning. In fact, such gold is not obvious at first glance. Often, we try to avoid them.

Adversities are such hidden wealth. When we are faced with adversities, we are often feeling so bad that we forget to remind us that such thing is actually pretty good, and can potentially bring us unexpected benefits.

When we are in bad situations, we encounter lots of difficulties.  Yet, it increases our strengths. We lower expectioins, and we see the plain truth. We come to know our limits, and strengths. We clearly see other people's true attitudes toward us, their true intentions, and true personalities.

These things actually become our wealth. These cannot be taken away by anyone. They are truly ours.

However, such wealth is not obvious. It requires efforts to dig them. However, once found, they are lasting.

So, I think there is nothing better than such wealth. Even though it feels bad, yet the reward is great.

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