Universal Shareholding

Today, much of workforce around the world is disengaged. They are at the office, or working site, doing something just to survive, without feeling valued or meaningful. This is a huge waste, and should be remedied by enlightened leaders.

The reason to this is that they are not co-owners of their workplaces. They are alienated from decision making, risk taking and profit sharing. The cure to this is simple, universal shareholding.

Let's start from the working place. One very unfair form of labor exploitation is internship. A smart young person works in a working place for a period for free or minimum wage. He or she is perhaps doing some of the toughest tasks that nobody else wants to do. However, not only is he or she underpaid, he or she is not recognized for his or her contribution by getting a fair share of his or her labour's fruits. I think it is totally unfair.

Now in China, they use a sutle term for such unfair employment. It's called temporarily hired labor. They put some absurd conditions on permanent hiring so that the majority qualfies for temporary hiring, while only a few can be permanently hired. This is especially rampant in gov hiring and large IT company hiring.  These temps are deprived of most of the benefits of permanent hirings, while doing the same job.

In USA, they use a different term. It's called contract. But the idea is the same.

Things are not much better for permanent hirings. They equally face uncertainties. Many of them have no rights to decide what to do with their daily job, and do not participate in profit sharing.

A true fair way is to grant employees universal shareholding, based on the man hour he or she puts into the job. The algorithm is simple like this.

Suppose at a certain point of time,  the company's true profit is X amount after excluding payments for rents, wages, some reserves for future, taxes, etc. A certain person has so far invested Yi manhour in this company.

Then each one gets a share of the true profit as Pi = Yi / Sigma(Yi) (i=1,n).

Now, there should be no such thing as temp or contract or any of its variation anymore. You put your labor in a company. Specifically I mean your labor is indicated on Gantt. You reap the benefits.

The same thing applies to citizenship. You are a citizen of a certain country, so you naturally get a share of the country's grand overall profit based on the number of months since you are born.

I think this brand new social design will be much more fair than current ones. This can greatly benefit the entire population and the workforce, and promote more creativity in a nation.







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